Let's #RedoReceipts for a Greener Tomorrow.

 Cleaner Planet, Cleaner Inbox!

e.pop eliminates paper and email receipts in one go! Get all your receipts in one app. Usher in a new era of digital receipts and live more sustainably and efficiently. 

Join our waitlist & we'll plant a tree just for you 

How Does It Work?

e.pop will plant a tree for each of the first 5000 people to join our waitlist through our partner American Forests. Getting a tree planted is as simple as signing up to our waitlist - if you'd like to plant more share your referral link with friends!

Trees Planted to Date


Why Do We Plant Trees?

Trees are very effective carbon dioxide absorbers. Apart from mitigating climate change, they also create fertile ground for animals and plants.

Where Do We Plant Trees?

We chose to focus on a wildfire recovery project - California's southern Sierra Nevada, where the state's famous – yet endangered – giant sequoia trees grow.   

How Do We Plant Trees?

We have partnered with American Forests to help us reach our planting goal.   Currently, our trees are growing at their nurseries and will be planted in 2022.


We aggregate all your receipts in one place! Never lose out due to a lost or faded receipt or miss a return window again. 

Better Spend Visibility

Keep track of your spending across all your cards, view interactive expense reports and receive instant purchase notifications.

Reduce Paper Waste

An estimated 300 billion paper receipts are printed yearly, consuming 25 million trees, 5 billion gallons of water and much more! Help us change that by switching to digital receipts.